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Länder Kurier Service (LKS) might be translated as Nationwide Courier Service.
LKS is an international certified courier, focused on pharmaceutical product related services.

Naturally we provide a 24 hours, air, road or rail handling service all over Europe as well as worldwide destinations. Special orders that require an extra amount of accuracy and planning are among our core strengths.

In over 15 years we have achieved a specialization and flawless record in the handling and transport of pharmaceutical industry products. Our passion is the transport of temperature controlled goods for the biotechnological and pharmaceutical industry partners.


Over 15 years of experience, especially in the transport at controlled temperatures, have characterized our work spirit.

Our employees are specialist in pharmaceutical transports and service. Transparent and foreseeable workflows are in our understand essential for a trustful partnership. Therefore we are partner in a yearly revolving DIN ISO certifying program.

Throughout Europe the delivery of your shipments can be carried out within 24 hours or overnight. Transcontinental shipment are carried out within 2 – 3 days. Of course we have of 24/7 operations center in Berlin that is at your disposal for any question.

We also guarantee that the working staff operates, only after having passed through several internal trainings. Europe-wide direct drives, overnight shipments all over the world, same day transport, on board courier service, temperature controlled transport with data recorder, transmission via e-mail of temperature records and PODs for each shipment, special clinical studio shipment’s announcement to the receiver, specially for Clinical Studios, packaging service and materials, dangerous goods and customs clearance, transport insurance and much more.

about us


Flexibility, punctuality, promptness in customer support as well as the individual order processing are the basis of our efforts. We materialize transports that you might consider impossible. Each Transport, in a way is special to us, therefore, we stand with our name.

Facts and Figures

The company Länder Kurier Service Nevermann e.K. (HRA 34802 B) was founded in Berlin, on January 1st, 2001 by Jörg Nevermann. The registration of Länder Kurier Service Nevermann e.K. to the German patent and trademark office was done under the number 30093342 on March 27th, 2001.

We have obtained the authorisation as Regulated Agents in accordance to the EC Regulation 185/2010 as well as the Air Security Law.

Our company is by the Federal Office of Civil Aviation under the number DE.RAC.0322-01/113, since February 1st, 2006. Nowadays the company disposes of a good skilled and expierenced team.

The whole Technical Equipment, such as vans, refrigereated vans, the technical equipment for temperature controlled transpot as well as the heated / cooled storage rooms are on the latest technology; with this we make an effective contribution to the environmental protection.


We provide logistic and transportation services which send your goods everywhere in the world. If you want to send a parcel to a remote place, we make it possible.

The knowledge of and compliance with international regulations such as the ICAO TI, the ADR, the GDP, the Regulation (EC) 185/2010 belong to our standard training for every employee. Besides, we place special emphasis on the quality of the composition of our international team, which also will help to meet your requirements.

pharma service

Our Pharmaservice, offers transport services for the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry. Unbroken cold or heat chain can be provided in all seasons, whether with liquid nitrogen, dry ice or temperature ranges between 2-8°C and 15-25°C.

Years of experience, which our team has acquired through the attendance of clinical trials, showed that personal attention is essential for the successful cooperation. Therefore we handle the process right from the beginning at the collection from the depot/ laboratory.

Over years we have adapted and developed our technical equipment according to the increasing demands of clinical trials studies and partners. As a special service for our customers and the environment’s sake, we use reusable packaging if possible. Our data loggers are programmable to your temperature requests. For ecological reasons we also provide multiple use logger, with a one-year certificate.

  • Temperature Range
    Our packaging material, as well as the corresponding equipment, ensures temperature ranges from + 37°C to -196°C. As a matter of course, we use the most modern techniques to simulate the transport process. We plan everything in advance, thus a optimal delivery is guaranteed. This makes failures almost impossible – in a way with the provided records your are always aware how your goods were handled.
  • Technical Equipment
    We work with the most modern technical equipment, which fulfill the special demands of the temperature controlled transports. Refrigerated vehicles for summer and winter transports, with stationary temperature recorders, external electricity supply and auxiliary heating or cooling systems – ensure that the packaging will not suffer any temperature fluctuations in the transport process.
  • Packaging
    A professional and appropriate packaging is the basic requirement for a smooth transport process. This is why we have set up our own simulation lab, where we develop improved monitoring and packaging solutions. A specially qualified and trained personal prepares every parcel individually for your transport.

For every parcel the simulator can test the whole transport process.
For example: Berlin 14°C, Moscow -9°C, Tokyo 35°C.
Only after a successful simulation of extreme conditions, a complex packaging might be used. Regarding this, the packaging follows international regulations, such as IATA-DGR, the ADR or the national Hazardous Goods Regulations, as well as security aspects, which guarantees a trouble free transport especially with air shipments.

  • Temperature Record
    For every temperature controlled transport we insert a data logger, which corresponds to the FD 21 CFR part 11. We protocol the influences on the shipment. The temperature can be controlled at any time during the shipment. The immediate delivery of the documentation, specially the temperature data takes place right after the arrival. These temperatures and the data of the data logger are sent to you in a .pdf file.

In order to guarantee precision and security, the data loggers are renewed every year. A calibration protocol and certificate is available for every single logger.

transport service

Our ready and standby vehicle fleet is available 365 days for the transport of your goods. We transport especially temperature-and time- sensitive parcels with short notice. We document the whole shipment process and take care of the timely and safe arrival of the parcel to the consignee.

Besides that, we offer individually for you tailored logistic services, such as the provision, the test of the packaging materials in our climate chamber, packaging service (also EU-packaging or P 640-Standard), dispatch of dangerous goods or the hedging instruments of your delivery through an additional transport insurance.


If Overnight, Same-Day or direct delivery, we deliver on time and in a reliable way – totally tailored to your needs. Do you have a parcel which has to be under special supervision? Then we recommend you the personal accompaniment through our trained staff from the sector „On-Board-Courier-Service“.

Länder Kurier Service is for you 24 hours per day and 365 days in the year, by air, road or rail, everywhere in Germany, Europe or worldwide. Therefore our quality-conscious partners are always ready for you. The use of the international network of airlines and railways makes it possible that your parcel arrives on time and safe to its destination, also under though geographical conditions.

  • Overnight
    We guarantee these Standard-Courier-Services for every kind of parcel in Germany, Europe and world-wide! If you need a quick delivery, we recommend you our Same-Day Service or the direct delivery.
  • Same-Day
    If the Overnight-Express Service is not quick enough, we transport your parcel per Same-Day Service. Same-Day means that your freight will be delivered on the same day Europe-wide using all our possibilities at our disposal (air companies, trains or also direct delivery).
  • On-Board-Courier-Service
    If you have a parcel which you can not risk to lose sight of, we recommend you our “Accompaniment Service“. Our On-Board-Courier accompanies your parcel worldwide and takes it safe to its destiny. We pick your fright up and bring it personally to the consignee. The delivery on the same or on the next day is possible almost on the last corner of the world. There is nothing safer than this.
  • Direct Drive
    Even if the operating transport networks are not enough, we deliver every parcel. Is the fright too bulky, perishable or is it necessary a special treatment during the transport? Would you not like to trust any of the usual means of transport or maybe is it just very difficult to get to the destiny? In short, is there no other transport possibility? We find a solution for every transport problem.

logistic service

If you want that the transport of your goods is in any case trouble-free, we offer you a wide range of additional logistic services.

This includes the standard provision of packing material and the test of temperature-controlled shipments in our climate chamber. A basic other standard is the packaging service with UN-Packaging or under PI 650; the dispatch of dangerous goods or the protection of your shipment through additional transport insurance. Individually tailored for you, our team of professionals offers the whole plan and groundwork for the safe delivery of our shipments.

With a lot of experience, the most modern equipment and qualified employees, we plan and organize transports in the smallest detail, from the idea to the arrival at the consignee. The result that matters most for us is the delivery on time, as well as the safe and undamaged arrival at designated arrival location!

Packaging Service

A delivery depends primarily on the quality of the packaging. A delivery must resist the transfer processes thanks to a shock-resistant, leak proof and unbreakable packaging – additionally protected against extreme temperatures and vibrations.

We can off additionally two or three layer packaging, which we pack according to your instructions – whether pharmaceutical/medical, biological or temperature-sensitive. You can take profit of our many years of experience, which we take to the simulation lab before the transport. Specially with temperature-sensitive goods is it often unavoidable, to have the real transport conditions replicated, especially the wide temperature ranges during the predetermined transfer time.

This Knowhow give us the self-confidence and it gives you the trust, that every delivery will be transported according to our tested lab conditions.

Provision of Packing Materials

From the standard packaging, the UN specifications packaging or packages for biologic substances; or up to two or three layer climate boxes – we have all the necessary materials always in stock. If you want to use your packaging for the transport, we will offer you the possibility of testing it before transportation in our simulator.

Especially with temperature-sensitive shipments we like to underline that the experience and the ability of the people involved is decisive for the trouble-free process.

Dispatch of Dangerous Goods

Specially pharmaceutical, medical and biological substances/products pose a enormous potential thread for the people and the surrounding environment. The proper handling und packaging is therefore especially important!

Infectious substances could provoke big harms if the packaging were damaged. For example damaged goods in a cargo compartment of a plane can provoke a world-wide pandemic. The national and international dangerous goods regulations and security regulations stipulate for these materials a special handling because infectious materials, that could be released.

For this reason we examine the goods and write the necessary papers according to the IATA-Dangerous Goods Regulations. The appropriate and professional packaging of the products and samples will be only carried out by particularly trained and specially qualified staff. Obviously we only use UN packaging materials.

Transport Insurance

All the deliveries have standard transport insurance. If necessary we can offer a transport insurance for your goods, which covers the value of your shipment. In this way your goods would be in any case sufficiently covered against loss, damage or any other unforeseen events.

Contact and Service Request

We are at your service 24/7, please feel free to contact us.

  • You can reach us anytime by e-mail at info@laenderkurier.de.
  • You are also welcome to contact us by phone and fax
    tel number: +49 30 750080-45
    fax number: +49 30 750080-46

Every request will be answered. We look forward to working for you.

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Certificates for download: ISO9001, GDP en., GDP dt.