transport service

Our ready and standby vehicle fleet is available 365 days for the transport of your goods. We transport especially temperature-and time- sensitive parcels with short notice. We document the whole shipment process and take care of the timely and safe arrival of the parcel to the consignee.

Besides that, we offer individually for you tailored logistic services, such as the provision, the test of the packaging materials in our climate chamber, packaging service (also EU-packaging or P 640-Standard), dispatch of dangerous goods or the hedging instruments of your delivery through an additional transport insurance.


If Overnight, Same-Day or direct delivery, we deliver on time and in a reliable way – totally tailored to your needs. Do you have a parcel which has to be under special supervision? Then we recommend you the personal accompaniment through our trained staff from the sector „On-Board-Courier-Service“.

Länder Kurier Service is for you 24 hours per day and 365 days in the year, by air, road or rail, everywhere in Germany, Europe or worldwide. Therefore our quality-conscious partners are always ready for you. The use of the international network of airlines and railways makes it possible that your parcel arrives on time and safe to its destination, also under though geographical conditions.

  • Overnight
    We guarantee these Standard-Courier-Services for every kind of parcel in Germany, Europe and world-wide! If you need a quick delivery, we recommend you our Same-Day Service or the direct delivery.
  • Same-Day
    If the Overnight-Express Service is not quick enough, we transport your parcel per Same-Day Service. Same-Day means that your freight will be delivered on the same day Europe-wide using all our possibilities at our disposal (air companies, trains or also direct delivery).
  • On-Board-Courier-Service
    If you have a parcel which you can not risk to lose sight of, we recommend you our “Accompaniment Service“. Our On-Board-Courier accompanies your parcel worldwide and takes it safe to its destiny. We pick your fright up and bring it personally to the consignee. The delivery on the same or on the next day is possible almost on the last corner of the world. There is nothing safer than this.
  • Direct Drive
    Even if the operating transport networks are not enough, we deliver every parcel. Is the fright too bulky, perishable or is it necessary a special treatment during the transport? Would you not like to trust any of the usual means of transport or maybe is it just very difficult to get to the destiny? In short, is there no other transport possibility? We find a solution for every transport problem.