logistic service

If you want that the transport of your goods is in any case trouble-free, we offer you a wide range of additional logistic services.

This includes the standard provision of packing material and the test of temperature-controlled shipments in our climate chamber. A basic other standard is the packaging service with UN-Packaging or under PI 650; the dispatch of dangerous goods or the protection of your shipment through additional transport insurance. Individually tailored for you, our team of professionals offers the whole plan and groundwork for the safe delivery of our shipments.

With a lot of experience, the most modern equipment and qualified employees, we plan and organize transports in the smallest detail, from the idea to the arrival at the consignee. The result that matters most for us is the delivery on time, as well as the safe and undamaged arrival at designated arrival location!

Packaging Service

A delivery depends primarily on the quality of the packaging. A delivery must resist the transfer processes thanks to a shock-resistant, leak proof and unbreakable packaging – additionally protected against extreme temperatures and vibrations.

We can off additionally two or three layer packaging, which we pack according to your instructions – whether pharmaceutical/medical, biological or temperature-sensitive. You can take profit of our many years of experience, which we take to the simulation lab before the transport. Specially with temperature-sensitive goods is it often unavoidable, to have the real transport conditions replicated, especially the wide temperature ranges during the predetermined transfer time.

This Knowhow give us the self-confidence and it gives you the trust, that every delivery will be transported according to our tested lab conditions.

Provision of Packing Materials

From the standard packaging, the UN specifications packaging or packages for biologic substances; or up to two or three layer climate boxes – we have all the necessary materials always in stock. If you want to use your packaging for the transport, we will offer you the possibility of testing it before transportation in our simulator.

Especially with temperature-sensitive shipments we like to underline that the experience and the ability of the people involved is decisive for the trouble-free process.

Dispatch of Dangerous Goods

Specially pharmaceutical, medical and biological substances/products pose a enormous potential thread for the people and the surrounding environment. The proper handling und packaging is therefore especially important!

Infectious substances could provoke big harms if the packaging were damaged. For example damaged goods in a cargo compartment of a plane can provoke a world-wide pandemic. The national and international dangerous goods regulations and security regulations stipulate for these materials a special handling because infectious materials, that could be released.

For this reason we examine the goods and write the necessary papers according to the IATA-Dangerous Goods Regulations. The appropriate and professional packaging of the products and samples will be only carried out by particularly trained and specially qualified staff. Obviously we only use UN packaging materials.

Transport Insurance

All the deliveries have standard transport insurance. If necessary we can offer a transport insurance for your goods, which covers the value of your shipment. In this way your goods would be in any case sufficiently covered against loss, damage or any other unforeseen events.