pharma service

Our Pharmaservice, offers transport services for the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry. Unbroken cold or heat chain can be provided in all seasons, whether with liquid nitrogen, dry ice or temperature ranges between 2-8°C and 15-25°C.

Years of experience, which our team has acquired through the attendance of clinical trials, showed that personal attention is essential for the successful cooperation. Therefore we handle the process right from the beginning at the collection from the depot/ laboratory.

Over years we have adapted and developed our technical equipment according to the increasing demands of clinical trials studies and partners. As a special service for our customers and the environment’s sake, we use reusable packaging if possible. Our data loggers are programmable to your temperature requests. For ecological reasons we also provide multiple use logger, with a one-year certificate.

  • Temperature Range
    Our packaging material, as well as the corresponding equipment, ensures temperature ranges from + 37°C to -196°C. As a matter of course, we use the most modern techniques to simulate the transport process. We plan everything in advance, thus a optimal delivery is guaranteed. This makes failures almost impossible – in a way with the provided records your are always aware how your goods were handled.
  • Technical Equipment
    We work with the most modern technical equipment, which fulfill the special demands of the temperature controlled transports. Refrigerated vehicles for summer and winter transports, with stationary temperature recorders, external electricity supply and auxiliary heating or cooling systems – ensure that the packaging will not suffer any temperature fluctuations in the transport process.
  • Packaging
    A professional and appropriate packaging is the basic requirement for a smooth transport process. This is why we have set up our own simulation lab, where we develop improved monitoring and packaging solutions. A specially qualified and trained personal prepares every parcel individually for your transport.

For every parcel the simulator can test the whole transport process.
For example: Berlin 14°C, Moscow -9°C, Tokyo 35°C.
Only after a successful simulation of extreme conditions, a complex packaging might be used. Regarding this, the packaging follows international regulations, such as IATA-DGR, the ADR or the national Hazardous Goods Regulations, as well as security aspects, which guarantees a trouble free transport especially with air shipments.

  • Temperature Record
    For every temperature controlled transport we insert a data logger, which corresponds to the FD 21 CFR part 11. We protocol the influences on the shipment. The temperature can be controlled at any time during the shipment. The immediate delivery of the documentation, specially the temperature data takes place right after the arrival. These temperatures and the data of the data logger are sent to you in a .pdf file.

In order to guarantee precision and security, the data loggers are renewed every year. A calibration protocol and certificate is available for every single logger.